New Martha Jefferson Hospital

Two years ago I was commissioned to take garden photos by Lillian Fitzgerald who was heading the art consultation for the new Martha Jefferson Hospital. This Wednesday I finally got to see the final products up on the walls.

It was so rewarding to see my work as 6' murals in 5 of the 10 birthing suites and to have my art up along with other accomplished artists that I admire such as Bob Llewellyn, Rob Tarbell and John Grant.  The highlight for me was seeing 2 of my photos blown up to 10 feet and back lit in the linear acceleration rooms. I really have to thank the beauty of the images to the inspiring location I was given to work with. If you get a chance next year, look for “Whispering Pines” (home of Bernie & Carol Tautkus) on the Charlottesville Garden Tour. It is unbelievable what Bernie has done with over 2 acres of woods by hand and all by himself. You would never believe that this hobby of his came from no formal training.

I am so thankful to have been included in this project. Knowing that I am a part of such a wonderful community where the time was taken to make local artists such a big piece of this new hospital says so much about Charlottesville's appreciation of the art community and the understanding of the healing nature of art. The new Martha Jefferson Hospital is truly breath-taking and even though it is filled with state-of-the-art technology it is the careful consideration of the decor and design that makes it so welcoming.

Be sure to make it to the August 7th open house and take advantage of being able to roam the halls before the hospital opens for business at the end of the month.


Corporate photography commission for the new Martha Jefferson Hospital.