Sarah + Nilay

We started off Sarah & Nilay’s wedding celebrations a month ago with a bridal portrait at King Family Vineyards. See the pix and read¬†more.

Day one of the wedding weekend was the Hindu ceremony celebrated at the Cultural Center of India. Sarah was decked out in rich reds and golds with intricately embroidered edges. Her body was adorned with jewels and traditional henna tattoos. She looked absolutely stunning! It was amazing capturing and observing the long and elaborate ceremony in which family and friends participated throughout the different rituals. My favorite part was when Sarah and Nilay would steal loving glances at one another; you could tell they were so excited for this day to have finally arrive.

Day two was the Christian ceremony which took place at the Wilton House Museum. This setting, a renovated historic house which had been moved from it’s original location, provided a wonderful juxtaposition to Sara’s wedding dress. The dress had been her mother’s but had been tailored and updated with some touches to reflect Sarah’s style and personality. The henna artwork from the Indian ceremony and the traditional white wedding dress helped sum up the combination of these two young people who came from different backgrounds.

While it was a long weekend for all involved, like all meaningful experiences, time passed disconnected from the realities of everyday life. It was truly a pleasure to be the wedding photographer documenting this marriage.

Below are some of my favorite wedding photod from each day.

Family and friends can view the online albums with the links below. Password is groom’s last name.

Bridal portrait
Indian Ceremony
Christian Ceremony 

A contrast of colors and cultures for this weekend wedding extravaganza.

Bridal portrait: King Family Vineyards, Crozet VA
Christian wedding ceremony: Wilton House Museum, Richmond VA
Indian wedding ceremony: Cultural Center of India, Richmond VA