A Preservation Development – Timberneck Farm, Gloucester, VA

Timberneck Farm is one of those unique developments built around the idea of Preservation. Modeled similarly to Charlottesville's Bundoran Farm, Timberneck Farm provides a unique opportunity to establish a profound relationship with the landscape. Preservation development will preserve the farm’s lands—and the ecological resources they support—by pursuing limited residential development in concert with agricultural land management and environmental conservation.

Along with the preservation, they are also rebuilding the oyster beds. Thousands of juvenile oysters were tossed overboard in an area marked right off the Timberneck property on the York River. The idea is that juvenile oysters will attach themselves to the reef and create a self-sustaining population. Here are some photos of the process on a blue-bird day in Gloucester, VA.

I also included a couple of photos from the property and one of the old houses that still stands there.

Timberneck Farm
Oyster rebedding